Gabriel Kuri

(*1970, MX) Fountain, 2022 Acier inoxydable, eau, système de pompe et médias mixtes 250 × 120 × 120 cm Fountain is an outdoor sculpture inspired in high tech public toilet facilities. Assuming its location in an area of high public density, as well as in proximity to the shore of lake Geneva, Fountain invites the spectator to activate its … Continued

Mathias Pfund

 (*1992, CH) Cæsarina, 2022 Steel, silver, bronze, powder coating, concrete pedestal 156 × 90 × 50 cm Mathias Pfund’s artistic practice involves composing fictions and it resorts to various strategies of appropriation. Through reproduction, he is chiefly interested in the representation of art and in the various values and ideologies underpinning it. Cæsarina is a throne dedicated to “César”, … Continued

Ceylan Öztrük

 (*1984, TR) Ripple Effect; Nazar Module, 2021-2022 Stainless steel Variable dimensions Ceylan Öztrük investigates the normative aspects of knowledge production. Through her multi-disciplinary artistic work, she creates a narrative with the specific information that transforms knowledge into tools of power. For Sculpture Garden, she presents an installation composed of mirrors cut out in the form of undulations … Continued

Willem Oorebeek

(*1953, NL) Getting The Books Out, 2022 Digital print on forex, aluminum 180 × 140 cm each Working mainly with printing techniques and the appropriation of existing images and texts, Willem Oorebeek questions representation and the functioning of perception in the age of image overload and spectacle. The installation entitled Getting The Books Out consists of four enlarged books … Continued

Lucy McKenzie

(*1977, UK) Anonymous Statue, 2022 Bronze on stone pedestal Bronze : 180 × 80 × 50 cm Plinth : 120 × 80 × 120 cm Bronze cast by Kunstgieterij Van Geert, Aalst Pedestal by Natuursteen, Aalst Anonymous Statue examines the connection between public statues and their working cousins, the commercially manufactured mannequins used in the world of retail. Both are shaped by the conditions of … Continued

Daniel Lie

(*1988, BR/ID) Them, 2022 Natural rope, ceramics, cotton fabric, turmeric Variable dimensions In Daniel Lie’s artistic practice, time and eco-systems play a key role. The artist creates installations in which organic living elements transform themselves, thereby performing their own temporality and their own intentions. For Sculpture Garden, Lie has created an in situ installation hanging … Continued

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys

(*1965 & 1966, BE) A.M.M.S.A.303, 2022 Powder coated steel and flashing lights 314 × 80 × 85cm each  Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys have worked together since the 1980’s and have produced videos, photographs, sculptures and drawings that are always steeped in a powerful tragic-comic sensibility. Their universe is inhabited with outsiders, socially disabled and psychotic characters. For Sculpture Garden, … Continued

David Douard

(*1983, FR) Melody (SG), 2022 Screen-printing, aluminium, metal, perspex, glass, bronze, paint 340 × 250 × 200 cm Drawing inspiration from street furniture and collective spaces such as bus shelters in which people gather for a short while, David Douard has created a hybrid structure which eschews functionality. Whereas the glass and metal structure points to a certain rigidity, … Continued

Koenraad Dedobbeleer

(*1975, BE) All Music Is There For Bastardisation Wrought iron, brass and paint 220 × 110 × 5 cm Koenraad Dedobbeleer explores sculpture, design, architecture and display devices, by examining the way in which value is attributed to materials and practices. For Sculpture Garden, the artist has replaced a service door linking (or separating) the Park La Grange to … Continued

Liz Deschenes

(*1966, US) Blue Wool Scale, 2022 UV prints, stainless steel 496 × 153 × 25 cm Over the last 20 years, Liz Deschenes has created hybrid photography works, exploring the relationship between the material processes through which images are produced, the ways in which seeing is situated, the history of the medium, and exhibition structures of presentation as a … Continued