*1925, GR Signal, 1974-1980 500 × 130 × 130 cm Bronze and steel MAMCO collection (previously AMAM collection), Mr. Georges Embiricos donation This large sculpture by the Greek artist Takis was donated to AMAM in 1983 and transmitted to MAMCO’s collection when the museum opened in 1994. Takis chose to explore in his work the energy of magnetic fields. Like … Continued

Nuri Koerfer

*1981, CH-DE Insel, (crocodile), 2019 180 × 85 × 109 cm Der Bote, (dragonfly), 2019 105 × 90 × 76 cm Dogends, 2019 14 × 43 × 43 cm Over spiraling, 2019 64 × 85 × 63cm Styrofoam, papier- mâché, fiberglass, resin Our relationships with the objects around us and the way we move among them are central topics within Nuri Koerfer’s sculpture practice. Her works often take on the shape … Continued

Alexander Calder

1898-1976, US Le soleil sur la montagne, 1973 Tôle peinte, collection FMAC With the breadth and richness of his work, the artist renews the way sculpture is being approached and practised in the 20th century. The refined and simple language used is at the service of his ever exuberant imagination, as fertile as a child’s would … Continued

Francesco Vezzoli

*1971, IT Portrait of Sophia Loren as the Muse of Antiquity (After Giorgio de Chirico), 2011 190 × 60 × 60 cm Gilt bronze Presented by Bulgari  Draped in the robes of the Greek goddess Ariane, the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren has been rendered life-size and balanced on a small plinth, surveying the world around her. Gathered in … Continued

Rosemarie Castoro

*1939-2015, US Flashers, 1979-1981 246.5 × 58.5 × 53.5 cm 242.5 × 63.5 × 49.5 cm Galvanized steel, paint, pigments Estate of Rosemarie Castoro The Geneva public had the opportunity to discover this artist’s work at the retrospective organised by MAMCO in winter 2019-2020. First presented in the streets of New York by the Public Art Fund in 1983, these sculptures played … Continued

ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne

Le Cours de l’eau, 2020 360 × 200 × 7800 cm Larch wood No doubt you have already walked, or dreamt of walking, along a Bisse in Canton Valais. A Bisse is a historical irrigation channel, many of which run through the idyllic Alpine landscape. Perhaps it was this romantic notion that inspired the National Exhibition of 1896 to recreate … Continued

Stefan Tcherepnin

*1977, US Chariot of a Secret Order, 2016 101 × 182 × 160 cm Fake fur, wood, amplifier, CD player, stones from Niesen Shadow Monster, 2016 260 × 210 × 80 cm Fake fur, leather, thread, wood Stefan Tcherepnin is a composer, musician and visual artist. He lives and works in Brooklyn and comes from a family of composers: his great-grand-father Nikolai Tcherepnin was … Continued

Markus Oehlen

*1956, DE Das Pferd, 1994-2018 220 × 220 × 80 cm Bronze, acrylic paint Recurring throughout the decades-long oeuvre of the German artist Markus Oehlen is the motif of a horse. What sets this latest iteration of his Das Pferd sculpture apart from the others is its absurd and comedic mimicry as a cast-bronze sculpture painted gold. Illusory yet referential, its sleek, shiny … Continued

Eva Rothschild

*1971, UK Hi-Wire, 2019 345 × 104 × 113 cm Stainless steel, paint Eva Rothschild’s works frequently occupy the intersection between ritual objects and the tradition of abstraction. Often relying on simple geometric shapes, the work engages with these intertwined histories, amplifying the psychological and critical associations they connote. Precarious columns and finely balanced structures figure prominently in Rothschild’s mutable … Continued