Alexander Calder

(1898-1976, US)
Le soleil sur la montagne, 1973
Tôle peinte, collection FMAC

With the breadth and richness of his work, the artist renews the way sculpture is being approached and practised in the 20th century. The refined and simple language used is at the service of his ever exuberant imagination, as fertile as a child’s would be. Acquired by the City of Geneva’s Contemporary Art Fund (FMAC) in 1984, this imposing stabile with an evocative title illustrates the artist’s fascination for circus, as much for its inventiveness than for its games of balance. Made from steel and rivet–raw material borrowed from the manufacturing area–as well as shapes which sobriety stands alongside abstraction, this sculpture evokes the landscape solely with black curves and counter-curves in the same way a drawing in space would. Now placed permanently, it blends in with the surrounding architecture and public space with great sensitivity.