Céline Condorelli

 (*1974, FR)
Ouah Wau (to Donna Haraway), 2022
Painted stainless steel
800 × 390 cm

Céline Condorelli has for several years developed a reflection around the notion of support. She is particularly interested in the structures occupying public spaces, structures that make it possible to integrate culture within the everyday, structures supporting the works or the bodies of those who have come to visit them. For Sculpture Garden she has created a structure to support a tree which is collapsing. The graphic forms at the bottom of the sculpture serve as games or exercises for dogs which are able to run freely in that part of the park. Ouah Wau (to Donna Haraway) thereby creates a link between trees and animals as “companion species”, to borrow Donna Haraway’s terminology. Under a playful appearance, Céline Condorelli questions the hierarchy established between different species, revaluing their fundamental interdependence.

With the support of Galeria Vera Cortês