David Douard

(*1983, FR)
Melody (SG), 2022
Screen-printing, aluminium, metal, perspex, glass, bronze, paint
340 × 250 × 200 cm

Drawing inspiration from street furniture and collective spaces such as bus shelters in which people gather for a short while, David Douard has created a hybrid structure which eschews functionality. Whereas the glass and metal structure points to a certain rigidity, or even to the authority that governs public space, the images and texts found on Internet that are screen printed generate a sense of intimacy and introspection which unsettles the system. The environment appears to be contaminated by fantasies and digital technologies. The thistle motif, recurrent in the artist’s work and embodying opposites–both flower and weed, both decorative and injurious–recalls above all the force of resilience of nature but also that of alternative communities. At night the work is lit like a night light, heart-warming for nocturnal strollers.

With the support of Commune de Plan-les-Ouates