Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys

(*1965 & 1966, BE)
A.M.M.S.A.303, 2022
Powder coated steel and flashing lights
314 × 80 × 85cm each 

Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys have worked together since the 1980’s and have produced videos, photographs, sculptures and drawings that are always steeped in a powerful tragic-comic sensibility. Their universe is inhabited with outsiders, socially disabled and psychotic characters. For Sculpture Garden, the duo propose a new monumental sculpture based on their “White Elements”, monolithic characters who disrupt heroic-realist monuments and whose faces here adopt the logo of the crypto-money Ethereum. The bright white strobe lights mounted on top of their heads are manufactured by Boeing and indicate their existence and exact position in the park. Depending on the weather A.M.M.S.A.303 should be visible from the other side of lake Geneva.

With the support of Galerie DuflonRacz