Liz Deschenes

(*1966, US)
Blue Wool Scale, 2022
UV prints, stainless steel
496 × 153 × 25 cm

Over the last 20 years, Liz Deschenes has created hybrid photography works, exploring the relationship between the material processes through which images are produced, the ways in which seeing is situated, the history of the medium, and exhibition structures of presentation as a critical counterpoint to a world awash in media. For Sculpture Garden, the artist presents a monumental “scale” of blue colors which come from Art Conservation, where they are used as light fastness standards, to monitor the net exposure to light of art objects on display, and to alert conservators to rotate an exhibit or to reduce the intensity of illumination. One would not find these cards made for conservation in a sculpture garden as they are made for indoor display and are also hidden from the viewer thus weathering the elements. The prints in Blue Wool Scale employ a UV photographic print technology that’s own lightfastness is still being determined. These prints are here “tested” by the wind, sun and rain, in an extreme re-interpretation from their initial function.