Lou Masduraud

(*1990, CH)
MOM (Moon Cycle Dew Fountain), 2020
Steel, bronze, cork, enamel, aluminosilicate, heavens
150 × 300 × 300 cm

Inspired by eco-feminist thought, MOM was conceived to be a poetic and critical antithesis to Geneva’s famous water jet. The sculpture autonomously captures the energy of the environment to produce dew through condensation. Frugal, itrequires no more than a few liters of dew to exist and to strike up a humble dialogue with the natural elements, whose active principles are the sky, the soil, plants, and the diurnal and nocturnal cycles. Its pipes carry the water to drip into the cavity of a structure resembling an erogenous ear. Lou Masduraud’s work remains ambivalent: it is a phantasmagoric and environmental representation of the earth, but also an apparatus for the erotic exploration of the terrestrial body.

With the support of Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, DCS, Geneva