Mai-Thu Perret

Organs, 2018

Mai-Thu Perret, a Swiss artist with Franco-Vietnamese origins who lives in Geneva, has managed to develop a practice that crosses over disciplines (from sculpture to film, taking in ceramics and performance), multiplies references (from 20th-century artistic movements to oriental philosophies), and merges methodologies (making use of her literary studies as well as her curatorial experiences). While adding, year by year, bodies of work to her practice like so many chapters in a concrete, existential fiction, Mai-Thu Perret does far more than just excavate the elements of modernism: she resets them in our present time, giving them the role of narrative triggers for the spectators. In this way, the bronze organs on display in the park (a heart, lungs, and uterus) act both as the intimate depictions of bodies and ritual chimes, inviting the visitors to think in different terms about the relationship between the body and nature.