Nathalie Du Pasquier

(*1957, FR-IT)
Torre Numero Uno, 2020
Glazed terracotta bricks
305 × 103 × 103 cm

An archetypal construction material, the brick is at once economical and rational, and allows for an infinite sequence of patterns, whether through repetitions, rhythms, complex systems or binary contrasts. Using industrial terracotta bricks, and working in collaboration with Mutina, an Italian brick manufacturer, Du Pasquier produced Torre Numero Uno, which is both a sculpture and an architectural construction. The piece not only synthesizes heterogenous forms, but, like all her work, also creates a dialogue among various sources of inspiration without pinpointing one in particular. Torre Numero Uno is a useless but colorful stall, the kind that one might see at a street market or by the side of a road. There are no wares for sale, but it does have multiple stories to tell.