Work.Master students of HEAD–Geneva

Mbaye Diop (*1981, SN), Nicolas Ponce (*1998, CH), Alpha Sy (*1992, SN) and Yul Tomatala (*1993, CH) avec l’intervenante Sonia Kacem (*1985, CH/TN)
Rhodos_Azalées, NL, 2022
Stainless steel
500 × 150 cm

This collective work created by a group of students of the Work.Master of HEAD – Geneva takes the form of a weather vane. The sculpture is the result of a research around different layers of stories and narratives related to the park. Among these, the students have singled out the collection of rhododendrons offered in 1947 by the Netherlands, eager to express their gratitude to the City of Geneva for its humanitarian aid during the Second World War. Over the years, the rhododendrons have blended into the park’s vegetation and gradually disappeared. The upper part of the weathervane reproduces a historical map showing the original location of the rhododendrons. Although it doesn’t point out any legible direction for the passerby, the sculptural weathervane functions as a landmark that indicates the invisible force of the wind. The work is presented in the usual location of a mobile sculpture by Alexandre Calder currently under restoration and therefore also missing.

Co-production avec with HEAD – Genève