Sophia Al-Maria

(*1983, QA/US)
taraxos, 2021
Steel, copper, wood, titanium, concrete and reflective pigment paint
650 × 200 × 200 cm

taraxos takes the form of a constellation of stems which can be played by the wind or by visitors. The sculpture is inspired by the resilient qualities of the self-seeding dandelion (taraxacum officianale). Focusing on the dandelion’s ability to thrive in unhospitable places, Sophia Al-Maria proposes the weed as a model for freedom, resistance and understanding in the world today. taraxos is a meditative place for anyone to slow down time for themselves and take space to listen. Played by the wind, the sculpture can also be activated by touching the stems, which are covered in copper, a material selected for its anti-microbial qualities. The central node of taraxos is a piece of reclaimed titanium from an airplane. This durable yet light material, ideal for air and space travel, mirrors that of the seemingly fragile airborne dandelion seed. In relation to the sculpture, a programme of performances and a podcast extend the work as a kind of pollination.


Serpentine × Modern Forms Sculpture Commission