Louise Lawler

Louise Lawler, *1947, US Birdcalls, 1972-1981  Audio recording 7’01 LeWitt Collection, Chester, Connecticut, USA Louise Lawler sounded out the names of 28 well-known male artists in the style of birdcalls. The humor and wit are balanced by the knowledge that these white male artists are continually recognized as being at the forefront of art, its … Continued

Erika Verzutti

(*1971, BR) Venus of Cream, 2020 Bronze 210 × 79 cm Brazilian artist Erika Verzutti is internationally renowned for her work on the living. Working with various materials, such as papier maché, concrete, bronze and the casting of natural elements and larger, invented fruits she molds in clay, the artist explores the role of natural ready-mades in … Continued

Bojan Šarčević

(*1974, FR) New Emotional Style, 2020 Marble block, ice cube machine, ice, sound system, carved marble, limestone, birch wood 179 × 81 × 169 cm New Emotional Style est un bloc de marbre, marqué de coupes géométriques, sur lequel est posée une machine à glaçon en état de marche et une effigie humanoïde taillée en marbre vert. A intervalles, … Continued

Manfred Pernice

 (*1963, DE) Antenne Brandenburg, 2021 Metal, plastic, concrete 237, Ø 114 cm Since the 1990’s, Manfred Pernice has developed sculptures and installations often based on functional and “modern” forms, built with low-grade materials or configured with objects and texts, drawings, photographs, often linked to historical context or of biographical nature. The familiar in Pernice’s work … Continued

Elif Erkan

(*1986, TR) Where You They Form, 2020 Concrete, natural rubber, cellular polystyrene covered with soil from Austria, Germany, Russia, Turkey and France For Sculpture Garden, Elif Erkan has created an installation in which the notions of origin and territoriality, with their socio-political repercussions, are tackled in an array of sculptures, shaped as menhirs and covered … Continued

Meriem Bennani

(*1988, MA) Ghariba (Double Bench), 2017-2022 Sculptural viewing installation with outdoor monitor 6180 × 1360 × 1200 cm Meriem Bennani’s often immersive works bring together, in witty and whimsical ways, questions of fractured identities, gender issues and the ubiquitous dominance of digital technologies. Her sculptural video installation makes it possible both to get a tan and to watch the … Continued

Nina Beier

(*1975, DK) Guardian, 2018 Marble lions, soap, beard trimmings Variable dimensions Nina Beier explores cultural archetypes to identify objects that are both rich in (hi)stories and subject to mutations as regards their intention, their production, their distribution, their commercialisation or their use. In that sense, objects that represent systems which have collapsed are easier to unfold. … Continued

Sammy Baloji

(*1978, DRC) … and to those North Sea waves whispering sunken stories, 2020 Terrarium and exotic plants 225 × 230 × 130 cm  The form of Sammy Baloji’s monumental terrarium is inspired by the scientific drawings of minerals produced with the purpose of mapping their exploitation in the Congo. The artist also refers to Wardian cases, portable greenhouses which … Continued

Sophia Al-Maria

(*1983, QA/US) taraxos, 2021 Steel, copper, wood, titanium, concrete and reflective pigment paint 650 × 200 × 200 cm taraxos takes the form of a constellation of stems which can be played by the wind or by visitors. The sculpture is inspired by the resilient qualities of the self-seeding dandelion (taraxacum officianale). Focusing on the dandelion’s ability to thrive … Continued

Douglas Abdell

(*1947, US) Kraeff-Aekyad, 1981 Welded steel painted black 360 × 172 × 50 cm Born in Boston to an Italian mother and a Lebanese father, Douglas Abdell produces works marked by writing and graphic signs. His work explores the deep connection between words, images, sound and form. The artist believes that this link was particularly close and significant in the … Continued