Zuzanna Czebatul

 (*1986, PL) Macromolecule Exploiting Some Biological Target, 2022 PVC 300 × 300 × 150 cm Zuzanna Czebatul draws inspiration from the links between pop culture, individual freedom and social ideologies. The artist has designed a gigantic ecstasy tablet, with the words “Rush” and “Revolution” embossed on each side. This hyperrealist sculpture, filled with air, functions as a humorous monument … Continued

Céline Condorelli

 (*1974, FR) Ouah Wau (to Donna Haraway), 2022 Painted stainless steel 800 × 390 cm Céline Condorelli has for several years developed a reflection around the notion of support. She is particularly interested in the structures occupying public spaces, structures that make it possible to integrate culture within the everyday, structures supporting the works or the bodies … Continued

Ana Alenso

(*1982, VE) Liquid Agreements and Oil Interventions, 2019-2022 Hoses, stainless steel, scaffolding parts, water pumps Variable dimensions Ana Alenso’s artistic work explores the world’s dependency in the matter of natural resources, and the resulting political, social and economic exploitation. The artist often examines particular cases such as that of the international oil industry, and the extraction … Continued

Lou Masduraud

(*1990, CH) MOM (Moon Cycle Dew Fountain), 2020 Steel, bronze, cork, enamel, aluminosilicate, heavens 150 × 300 × 300 cm Inspired by eco-feminist thought, MOM was conceived to be a poetic and critical antithesis to Geneva’s famous water jet. The sculpture autonomously captures the energy of the environment to produce dew through condensation. Frugal, itrequires no more than a … Continued

Gina Fischli

(*1989, CH) Geneva, 2020 Come Here Please, 2020 Auf Wiedersehen, 2020 I’m Not Telling You, 2020 Swiss Life, 2020 Good Dog, 2020 Zürich, 2020 This Is Going Somewhere, 2020 Digital print on polyester 600 × 120 cm  each The traditional language of the heraldic banner, dotted with lions and mythological animals, is playfully subverted in this series, … Continued

Ida Ekblad

(*1980, NO) Kraken Möbel, 2020 Steel, wood, linseed oilpaint 76 × 75 × 160 cm, two elements 76 × 75 × 80 cm, one element This Norwegian artist presented her first series of park benches during her 2019 solo show at the Kunsthalle Zurich, where these sculptures created unusual vantage points from which to view her monumental paintings on the walls. Ekblad also conceived … Continued

Dora Budor

(*1984, CR-US) Seized Sun, 2020 Existing inground lightwells, six emergency beacon lights (active at dusk) Variable dimensions Reminder of another sun, if the drill goes far enough

Ser Serpas

(*1995, CH-US) Non Condition, (June 25), 2020 Aches in Pulses (July 25), 2020 Constraints about an Axis (August 25), 2020

Nathalie Du Pasquier

(*1957, FR-IT) Torre Numero Uno, 2020 Glazed terracotta bricks 305 × 103 × 103 cm An archetypal construction material, the brick is at once economical and rational, and allows for an infinite sequence of patterns, whether through repetitions, rhythms, complex systems or binary contrasts. Using industrial terracotta bricks, and working in collaboration with Mutina, an Italian brick manufacturer, Du … Continued